Ghost Call Radio Is Changing

Well I have been thinking about what format we are going to do on Ghost Call Radio. I’ve been thinking long and hard about, and thought we should make this an informative show! We will be still talking about the paranormal, but, making it more informative giving you better ideas about the type of equipment to use if you are a beginner, to more advanced equipment. We will be talking about everything in the paranormal field like aliens, UFO’s, ghosts, poltergeist, Bigfoot and many many more subjects in the field.

We want your ideas for subjects and if your subject is picked we will invite you to be live on air as a guest co-host for the night.

We hope you will still keep coming to the site and enjoying the subjects, and we hope that you will also call in and give us your views on the subject we are talking about.

thanks from the owner and host of Ghost Call Radio Network.


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