A night with a psychic, Christian Dion

Tuesday 10th May 2016, we will be talking with Christian Dion. The show will start 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST and 2am BST. we hope you can all join us as in the second hour we will be doing readings, and will give out the phone number to call in as we enter the second hour.
Bio on Christian Dion
the seer
Thought he was just like any other normal child growing up in the mining community of Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. But on the first day of school he was shocked to find that the other boys and girls were unable to see all his “spirit friends.” His parents could… so could his baby brother. Why?
When he got home it was explained that their family’s gift of “second sight” was unique, with his mother revealing: “Not everyone sees the world the way we do.”
In spite of her concern, Christian soon realized his gift was a blessing – that helped to make him a household name in the UK, where he’s astonished believers and skeptics alike with his dead-on predictions for years. His unnerving accuracy, engaging wit and charming Yorkshire accent are now earning him an impressive celebrity following since relocating to Los Angeles, California.
In addition to his weekly 2-hour segment on LBC’s top-rated live radio program, “Mike Allen and his Psychic Side Kicks,” Christian has appeared on numerous television programs here in the United States – including
CBS- TV’s “The Roseanne Barr Show,”
NBC-TV’s “The Other Side,”
CNBC’s “America’s Talking”
KTLA’s “Morning News.”
A frequent guest on – Talk Radio and 93.2 “The Beat.”
As well as Britain’s top rated network radio station “Talk sport” on the weekly show “The Unexplained”.

You’d think being from a family of psychics would make any child an outcast at school, but it certainly didn’t hurt Christian or his studies. In fact, it was his psychic abilities that helped him to complete his A-levels (England’s equivalent to college preparatory courses) in spite of the fact that he is dyslexic. While other gifted students went on to study at the university level. Both Oxford & Cambridge wanted him.
Christian skipped university and established his reputation as a psychic. Supporting himself with his talent, while benefiting others along the way. He eventually landed on radio with live “call-in” shows for LBC 97.3 FM. As well as, the BBC Radio One show, “Steve Wright In The Afternoon.”
In time, his radio shows became something of a phenomenon – with as many as 250,000 callers jamming the phone lines in hope of getting a brief reading. Some waited as long as eight or nine years to get through to him on the air, and it got so his private readings had to be booked a year in advance.
Recently Christian appeared on the “Mike Walker Show” on KABC 790am in Los Angeles. He was such a success not only are they having back, Mike Walker stated, “I have never seen or heard anything like Christian, he’s a huge talent“.Regular television appearances (including spots on “Good Morning, Britain,” “This Morning” and the science program “Equinox”), in addition to his popular column in The Sun and his one-man touring show, “An Evening In Your Lifetime.” Which he debuted at the World famous “Magic Castle” Hollywood, In May 2005 the first time ever a Real Psychic had performed there. Demonstrating once again that he is an outrageously gifted and engaging entertainer.
Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/thechristiandion
Website : http://psychicgossip.blogspot.co.uk/
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