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22 Feb 2016
Randy Boholand and a few from the tapit Team.

1st Mar 2016
Reveal show with Gina and Jack from Para Science Radio.

8th March 2016
Paranormal 101 with Gina, Alex & Jack.

15th March 2016
Barb Campbell, Ufologist, paranormal investigator
and Bigfoot investigator.

22nd March 2016
Dennis Pearce, spiritualist/psychic Medium.

29th March 2016
Let’s talk EVP’s.

12th April 2016
Lets talk Conspiracy.

19th April 2016
Lets talk Echovox, a quick & basic info.

3rd May 2016

Chase Kloetzke Talking about Black Eyed Children and more.


6 Responses to Show Archives

  1. Randy says:

    It wont play back or even download to listen to.

  2. Excellent program! Thank you for having me on the show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. Native Earth -Lady says:

    Dennis Pearce
    If Dennis wants a debate with me I would be more then happy to go head to head . He made a so call joke about mother-earth well a lot of people believe and respect her. And making a joke about her is going after our religion and I believe he thinks he is above all of us. Blessed be

    • Gina host PTR talk says:

      I think it was the tone of his message that upset a lot of folks. sometimes censoring oneself as a guest should be concidered? What do you think folks?
      Host PTR Talk,

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