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This site has move to it’s new and permanent home at

Come join Us over at the new location!

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A night with a psychic, Christian Dion

Tuesday 10th May 2016, we will be talking with Christian Dion. The show will start 6pm PST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST and 2am BST. we hope you can all join us as in the second hour we will be doing readings, and will give out the phone number to call in as we enter the second hour.
Bio on Christian Dion
the seer
Thought he was just like any other normal child growing up in the mining community of Wakefield, Yorkshire, England. But on the first day of school he was shocked to find that the other boys and girls were unable to see all his “spirit friends.” His parents could… so could his baby brother. Why?
When he got home it was explained that their family’s gift of “second sight” was unique, with his mother revealing: “Not everyone sees the world the way we do.”
In spite of her concern, Christian soon realized his gift was a blessing – that helped to make him a household name in the UK, where he’s astonished believers and skeptics alike with his dead-on predictions for years. His unnerving accuracy, engaging wit and charming Yorkshire accent are now earning him an impressive celebrity following since relocating to Los Angeles, California.
In addition to his weekly 2-hour segment on LBC’s top-rated live radio program, “Mike Allen and his Psychic Side Kicks,” Christian has appeared on numerous television programs here in the United States – including
CBS- TV’s “The Roseanne Barr Show,”
NBC-TV’s “The Other Side,”
CNBC’s “America’s Talking”
KTLA’s “Morning News.”
A frequent guest on – Talk Radio and 93.2 “The Beat.”
As well as Britain’s top rated network radio station “Talk sport” on the weekly show “The Unexplained”.

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Black eyed Children with Chase Kloetzke

I’m so looking forward to this show Tonight 3rd May 2016.

Chase earned her Master Trainer, Master Instructor title while employed with the Department of Defense. Armed with a Bio-mechanical Engineer accreditation, she was responsible for designing specialized programs and the supervision of complete success regarding Force Readiness, unique mission responsibilities and Elite Force Protection. This was achieved by understanding the goals and requirements placed on physical and mental strength assignments that are demanded and expected for today’s Active Duty members and civilian anti-terrorist units. This includes assignments with Homeland Security and Private Sector Security Forces.

Schooled and certified as a Private Investigator, Chase consistently demonstrates the knowledge, technical requirements, legal parameters and the commitment to evidence based investigations using the latest technologies and methodologies deployed by professional Law Enforcement Officials in a modern and forward moving scientific environment.

She joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996 and was selected as The Star Team Manager and Deputy Director of Investigations through 2011. She was responsible for the program design, protocols and investigation procedures for a national rapid response unit. This included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases reported to MUFON.

In 2015 she accepted the position of Deputy Director of Investigations and Special Case Manager leading a team of high performance and highly skilled investigators to special assignments in MUFON.

Additional MUFON responsibilities include;
Star Team CAG International Member
Assistant National Director for Mexico.
Communications Department;
Witness Media Producer

Chase is an Author of two popular books; “Admissible” The Field Investigators Manual with Richard Dolan & the first of its kind Children’s book, “Are Aliens Really Real?”. Both can be found on

As a reoccurring guest in the media and a Presenter, she is well known for her “Boots on the Ground” dedication to solving mysteries, one case at a time and lively interview exchanges.

website is

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Ghost Call Radio Is Changing

Well I have been thinking about what format we are going to do on Ghost Call Radio. I’ve been thinking long and hard about, and thought we should make this an informative show! We will be still talking about the paranormal, but, making it more informative giving you better ideas about the type of equipment to use if you are a beginner, to more advanced equipment. We will be talking about everything in the paranormal field like aliens, UFO’s, ghosts, poltergeist, Bigfoot and many many more subjects in the field.

We want your ideas for subjects and if your subject is picked we will invite you to be live on air as a guest co-host for the night.

We hope you will still keep coming to the site and enjoying the subjects, and we hope that you will also call in and give us your views on the subject we are talking about.

thanks from the owner and host of Ghost Call Radio Network.


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We are LIVE!!!!!

Well I am glad to say that our very first show went well. We didn’t have any problems with our first show with Randy Boholand. The show was recorded and is available in our archive page for you to download and listen too. we hope you enjoyed the first show and will join us on a Tuesday night now at a slightly earlier time of 11pm GMT, 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST and 3pm PST. We changed from a Monday to a Tuesday, as we didn’t want to clash with other shows that you might listen too. Visit our Facebook page for more information on this Tuesdays show.

email-blue facebook twitter

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Almost there

we still have a few bugs to work out but we are getting there. The new system is coming so we can do a lot more, as this system is slow.

we hope you understand and will come back for our first show.

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Coming soon

We are working to get the station & site up and running, and will have more news as we work on the site.

Please be patient as we do the work and lots of tests on the stream.

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